The second Saturday in August is a date with the 3 Amigos in El Monte, California.  Some feel like our man in the picture on the left at 6:30 a.m.  Others are pushing the starter to let them out of the gate, (we don’t have a literal gate but you know what I mean).  Everyone is wondering what will be for breakfast this year.  We had plenty the first few years, then the good stuff was gone early and then in 2019, we all ate together and everyone had plenty and was it great!   So in 2019, on the second Saturday of August, we ran a half marathon, (some walked it and left early to do so), ate breakfast, sang Happy Birthday to Matthew Rodine, then went home with a medal and bragging rights, thanks to the volunteers, (managed by Kathleen), and the kitchen crew, (Dorothy, Rosanna and Grace).  If you get off your couch or out of bed a little earlier on the second Saturday in August, 2020, you could join us for all the activities.  Oh, by the way, we also raised $150.00 for A21, which you can read about on their own page.  So what say you?  Church of the mattress or an experience of a lifetime with the 3 Amigos, 1 Amiga, and all their friends?